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Scan over these pictures. You would be forgiven for being among those, but you would not be pitied. Choices in life.

The KL Corporate Rats

KL office politics, an inherent outcome of human relations. People fighting to get ahead, some are fighting off work, others are looking for a scapegoat, and the office bully, the boss that steals credit and deflects blame, etc. Overworked, underpaid, demoralized, humiliated, threatened – this is the nature of corporate employment.. yet you’re still sticking around..

Malaysians and Credit Cards… *Sigh*

A 7-9 Year Car Loan.. Jesus..

A 30-Year Home Loan.. *Faint*

What A *Shit* Life…

It looks nothing like:

Earning RM20k Or Less?

If you’re earning RM20k or less per month, per person, then it’s going to be difficult to attain the pleasures and entertainment that life has to offer. And even in KL, these lifestyle exists.

How can KL Sifu Help You?

My name is Jerry Chuan. I have sold over 10,000 products on Amazon, I have sold tens of thousands of Ringgit worth of subscription services, IT training, Shampoos and other stuff online. I am from Malaysia and I live in Petaling Jaya.

I am a hardcore web developer, a skilled SEO specialist, a web analytics and conversion veteran, a storyteller and above all, I love digital marketing and selling things online.

  • Knowledge and Understanding Creates Income
  • Income creates confidence
  • Confidence and Knowledge attracts more money
  • Money attracts women
  • More money, more life experience, more women, more social life, more travel, more generosity and more fulfillment

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your motivations are. I started from zero, nothing more than a shitty job, struggling month by month to pay the bills. I was just renting a room, no car and couldn’t even afford a computer back then.

It took me over 10 years to finally piece together everything. With an almost perfect understanding of consumer and search engine behavior.

If you want to get the hell out of the KL Rat Race, I can help you. If you want to be earning more than your peers and bosses, I can help you. If you don’t want to do dirt for 10 years and just want to succeed from the knowledge and experience of a Sifu, then I can help you.

T20, M40, B40 – Income Levels in Malaysia

  • Top 20% has a median household income of
  • Mid 40% has a median household income of
  • Bottom 40% has a median household income of

If you’re living in KL, that RM13k income is nonsense, even more so if it’s household income. What I can show you is how to earn RM20k or more each month.

It Has Everything To Do With Fishing

Cutting out all the b.s and nonsense, the entire knowledge that will enable you to be a high income earner is actually learning how to catch fish!

Knowing where the fishes are, knowing what is a good bait to use for the type of fish you’re catching, and of course, not trying to catch fishes with a net full of holes. Sounds simple?

It really is. But surprisingly, lots of people in huge corporations even, they can’t even get the basics right! OMG…

The Bait

Without knowing how to implement the right bait, I guarantee that most of your attempt at sales will fail. Period.

The Pond

Looks pretty obvious which pond you would want to fish from. How do you relate this to real life practice?

Being a Master At Selling Is The Only Way to True Wealth

Why so? Because you are in control. You become the pilot. Never again let others dictate your worth, but instead, you seize your own future and grow to be bigger than those pesky colleagues and annoying bosses who keep putting you down!

The Trick Is…

Here is the tricky part:

  • Too many ponds, and you can’t be sure which has fishes
  • Too many baits, you’re not sure why the fishes don’t bite
  • Net has too many holes that you can’t see. You don’t know why or how the fishes keep swimming out.
  • You have the right bait, the right pond and net with no holes, but the fishes are not swimming in no matter what you try

Are You Interested In Starting or Expanding Your Own Business?

Tell you what. I would love to meet you if you’re someone who’s interested in building your own business online, whether it’s a consultation business, an e-commerce shop, a service provider or even running your own agency.

In fact, I’ve met numerous people over coffee, we can have a casual chat, exchange ideas and I share with you what has worked for me. I would be more than happy to show you some of the tricks that I have learnt over the last 10 years, what worked well and what failed terribly.

What I Can Share With You

I can teach you how to fish, from finding the right pond, to using the right bait, to plugging all holes in your net, to observe fishy behavior, to attract fishes again and again. This is a totally free chat. I am not even charging any consultation fees, which is normally at RM1,500.00 for 4 hours on my work days.

However, there will be a tiny appreciation fee of just RM120.00, just so that I know you’re serious. I have lots of people wanting to meet but never turning up last minute, and this qualifier fee is simply to show that you value my time.

I guarantee that after a few hours of knowledge sharing, you’ll immediately realize that what you’ve learnt is worth thousands of ringgit, and you’ll want to start on your business right away.

Just call me up, and we can just catch up over coffee at a nearby Starbucks or Cafe. PJ area, Bangsar, Mont Kiara or KL would be ideal.

Jerry Chuan
KL Sifu