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A Proven Business Model

One Of My Recent Amazon Affiliate Payments

A Model That Pays For Referred Sales With Almost Zero Investment

You don’t have to keep stock, there are no products to sell, and no dropshippers to deal with.

Affiliate marketing is a model whereby you get traffic to your website and get your visitors to click on a link which sends them to your affiliate merchant’s website, and if these visitors you referred buys their product, you get paid a commission for referring the sales.

The Magic Of Affiliate Marketing Model

With an extremely low start up cost, all you need to have is a website which includes a monthly website hosting fee, and a yearly domain fee. That’s approximately RM60 a month + RM40 yearly for domain renewal.

Getting Traffic Will Be Your Biggest Challenge

The lifeblood of this business model is to get huge volumes of organic website traffic. It’s going to be tough to profit on paid traffic, not just because you’re reviewing products that hundreds of other sites are also doing, but most affiliate merchants disallow bidding for competing keywords.

For one of the affiliate program I was in, I was delivering over 50,000 organic visits monthly and making over 100 orders each day.

My Extensive Work On Organic Traffic Was Paramount

In my past jobs, I have analyzed website content end-to-end, studying bounce rates, page visits, content types, conversions, no-conversions, content clustering, frequently updated contents, headlines, SEO keyword optimization techniques and more.

Only when you fully understand how to get thousands of organic visits will this model be workable for you.

Truly Passive (After The Initial Hard Work)

Once your sites are getting traffic from great content you’ve built, you can take a step back and watch your income flow in monthly. But the key here is that your content must be built in a certain way. Simply writing random content won’t do.

Fighting Against 10,000 Competitors

In order to win, you must be stronger than the rest. How to fight off 10,000 other websites, all fighting for that piece of affiliate pie? The short answer is automation. The long answer is: how and what to automate?

This is a really sensitive topic as it goes against most white-hat SEO techniques. I could share more with those who truly want to explore this model. Please contact me, buy me coffee and a meal somewhere and we can chat.

Not All Affiliate Merchants Are Equal

Some will pay fairly, others will withhold your payment when it comes to payout. Others will use dubious tracking practices, and many merchants employ techniques that rob a referred sale at the last stage of customer purchase.

One example of affiliate merchants to never to partner with are those that has a ‘promo code’ or ‘discount coupon’ upon checkout. Even if you referred that user who ends up buying, during the last step of the checkout process, he will be Googling for the ‘promo code’, ends up on a site which engages in paid advertising on Google, clicks a button on that site to reveal the ‘promo code’, and in the process, opens a new window to the affiliate merchant website. After copying the promo code, and finalizing the order, that affiliate who is running the ‘discount coupon’ website steals the commission with nothing more than promo code content.

So, Why Don’t We Promote Discount Coupons too?

Short answer is – because the affiliate merchants are feeble on this. They mention in their rules that this practice is forbidden and can get the affiliate account banned, however, they are half-hearted in enforcing this.

If you implement these sort of websites, you will never be sure when the merchants may decide to enforce the ban and robbing you away from all your efforts. However, perhaps it’s their intention to allow some of these sites to steal commissions this way, but then banning their account when the time comes for their payout. When this happens, nobody wins but the merchants.

Promoting Categories Of Products That Will Not Sell

Some categories of products just will not sell.  This would fall under the eBooks category on topics that are freely available on the Internet. Example topics would be weight loss and hair loss.

Other categories are software that has tons of free alternatives, even if the alternatives are inferior, it’s almost impossible to push stuff that’s just a little better than a free alternative.

Lets Catch Up

I am always happy and look forward to meet people who are adventurously trying to make money online. Why not reach out to me, and we can have a good chat over coffee somewhere.