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How To Earn More As a Consultant Living in Kuala Lumpur

If You Are Currently Employed

Earn an extra 20%-100% of your income by providing professional consultation services.

If You Don’t Have A Job

Earn 20k or more a month by providing your professional consultation services

Consultants On These Topics Make A Lot Of Money

  • E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Web Analytics and Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing and Best Practices
  • Drop Shipping Business
  • Photography Business
  • Restaurant & Cafe Setup and Operations
  • Interior Design
  • Organizing Complex Events

The list goes on. Whatever your area of interest and expertise are, you can find an angle to provide consultation services. Even someone who loves gardening can provide consultation services on hydroponics and starting an indoor vegetable gardens, with expert advice on the right type of equipment, soil, lighting costs, etc.

Do you have extensive experience on network/MLM marketing? Selling insurance? Promoting mutual funds? I guarantee you, there will always be a need and a market for most cases, even if you have doubts on it’s viability in the beginning. Let me explain.

I Used To Think Nobody Would Pay Me Just To Talk

I provide end-to-end, one-to-one personal consultation services on setting up an online business that brings in money, all the way from the technicalities of implementation towards getting visitors, towards analyzing visitor behavior towards closing the sale. My expertise also covers affiliate marketing, SEO and organic marketing, paid marketing and email marketing. My approach is towards a more casual setting, with a hand holding approach towards those seeking my help. I will assume that people who come to me are serious, and I guide them step by step, assuming a very basic level of knowledge in the area. I provide free follow ups by email, phone, and even follow up meetings which are free and casual.

Can You Learn Kung-Fu By Reading?

Can you learn kung-fu by reading?

For many years, I could not believe that anyone would pay me for information that is so freely available online. Not until I realized that the personal guidance of someone who has done it is a world of difference than just reading online. Just like a photograph that doesn’t convey the chain of events of a story or a kung-fu lesson learnt from a manual, the context and details explained by someone who has walked the road is far different than reading information from a book.

Just like an experienced mechanic who can tell the problem with your car by just listening to certain tinkles and thuds from the way the engine vibrates, whether it’s ‘thud thud’ or ‘grrrfff grrrf’, or the rattling, shushing or chugging of it’s internals, you, the subject matter expert will be able to hand-hold and guide your clients in a way that no book or online content is able to.

Consultants Bring The Finish Line To The Client, Instead Of The Other Way Around

Fast Track Sprinting – Learning From a Mentor

By paying you, the consultant for valuable guidance, your customers can avoid most of the mistakes and pitfalls that you took the hit from, reducing their learning curve by over 90%. What’s even more valuable is they get to avoid the costly mistakes made by you. It’s practically a fast track sprint for them towards the finish line. It’s cheaper for them to pay and learn from you than spending the time and money on mistakes.

You Will Not Fail (Ever) Unless…

The only reason you will fail in consultation business is because:

You fail to convince your prospects that what you’re providing is worth their money

the only thing in the way between you and your prospects is your website. That ‘wall’ represents how your website is designed, what you write, what you offer and how you convince. 98% of web business failure is caused by not knowing how to bring down this wall.

Consultants Are Like Success Snipers

A consultant provides experience by sharing valuable knowledge with the client. This experience is not the same as information, but rather, information that has been proven to work, along with all the details that go with it.

What the client is paying for is a hand holding guide to sprint to the finish line through a model that has proven to work, without having to waste unnecessary time learning from mistakes. It is a one shot, one kill lesson.

To Cut The Story Short…

  1. You can make a decent amount of money being a consultant in Malaysia. In the range of RM1,500 – RM3,000 for 4-8 hours.
  2. You can just start with a laptop and a cafe outside or a meeting room if you choose.
  3. Along with the knowledge you want to provide consultation on, you need to have an effective website – not just any website. 98% of consultants fail to get business because they lack knowledge in this area. Armed with this knowledge, you also need to understand the mechanics of advertising and also in getting perpetual non-paid traffic to your website. Only when everything is in place, will you be able to succeed in your business.
  4. With as little as 2 weeks, it is possible to have your effective website up and running with prospects contacting you. Do understand though, that 2 weeks is practical only with a decade of experience and knowing what exactly to do. This would include knowledge of sales, consumer behavior, technical implementation, advertising, analytics, segmentation and more. Failure to properly employ your services platform in the right way, to reach the right audience and to use the right bait will just result in fishes not biting. You will have people coming to your website, but nobody is convinced enough to want to engage your services.
  5. Getting as few as 5 clients a month can earn you RM6k-RM10k, part-time.

Why Not Initiate The First Step Today?

If you have always planned to succeed in a bigger way, to have a different sort of lifestyle – travel, lavish dining experiences, living in hotels, driving a better car or even getting out of the KL rat race, you have to start now.

Achieve Your Dreams Within A Realistic 7 – 9 Months

If you’re serious, lets meet up. The image above your dream car says enough about waiting too long. Lets meet up for a casual chat over coffee, and I can share with you the ways of how things are done.

Due to my tight schedule, I am unable to meet up with just anyone, but I do want to meet up with those who have a taste and appreciation for money, and who will do whatever it takes to earn it. Here is the short list of prerequisites:

  • You must have a burning desire to succeed big
  • Open minded, attentive and want to learn
  • English speaking
  • You have tried many different ways to make money but have not found success
  • You have persistence and perseverance
  • You are at least 25 years old

As the Chinese saying goes – “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”  

So for business as well. You know what to do.