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Fitness Friends – Make Up To RM15,000 a Month Simply by Referring Friends

That’s right. If you know friends who would like to:

  • Start a website, enhance a website, expand their online presence
  • Start an online business
  • Learn digital marketing
  • Learn search engine optimization (the real proven deal)
  • Learn full web development skills – HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/MySQL
  • Learn WordPress
  • Learn to set up Drop Shipping, Facebook/Google advertising, Affiliate Marketing, run a Personal Trainer business
  • Or Simply Want to Advertise and reach out to Fitness/Gym people

Then, I will pay you 35% of the gross transaction fees involved.

Instant Transfer Of Payment

That’s right! No waiting time. The very day that payment is received, you will get the money transferred instantly to your bank.

How Much Can You Make?

Online business setup, web development costs, skills training and advertising coaching starts from RM500.00 to over RM20k, depending on the complexity of the job.

Assuming someone wants to develop their website to provide coaching service, plus consultation fees, plus content marketing, that could easily reach RM15,000, and you will make 35% of RM15,000, which is RM5,250.00.

So, Where Do You Begin?

Just whatsapp or call me 013-367-9485 to inquire further.

Just let me know whom you have passed my contact to, and I will update you when your friends have contacted me, or requested my services.

Everyone Knows Someone Who Wants to Start an Online Business or Earn Money Online

Not only will you be doing your friend a favor by referring him or her to one of the best solution architects and digital marketers in the country, but you’ll be pocketing a decent amount from the fees involved. Start today. Software projects and consultation fees costs thousands, and why not earn a decent amount each month by just sharing information?

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Python Online Certification from University Of Michigan

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