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How To Earn Beyond Average, Living in Kuala Lumpur

Not Everything You Love Doing Can Be Sold As A Service. There Must Be an Existing Market/Demand For It. Don’t Believe Those Cliches!

Services That You Can Sell and Make Good Money From in KL

  • Carpentry Services
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Curtains, Blinds and Drapes Measurement and Installation
  • Plumbing Services
  • Air-Conditioning servicing
  • Cleaning Services
  • Gardening Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Restaurant Menu Design and Printing Services
  • Pickup and Delivery Services
  • Web Development Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Marketing and Copy Writing Services
  • Advertising and Campaign Management Services
  • Software Development / App Development Services
  • Business Analysis and Web Analytics Services
  • Translation Services
  • Resume Rewriting Services
  • Video Animation Services
  • Health/Fitness Training
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Market Research
  • Legal Consulting
  • Presentation
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Dating Coach
  • Life Coaching

Demand Research Is Step No. 1

If you try selling a service which has low search volume through the digital online channels, then you’re spending money to get exposure from the wrong medium. Worst yet if you’re providing such a niche service with very low demand, online or offline, then nobody will engage you, regardless of how well you do your work. There are various subscription services out there that provides keyword search volume information and should be the first step in determining the market size of your industry.

Supply Research Is Step No. 2

So now that you know the monthly search volume for the type of service you intend to provide, it’s also important to know how many others are providing similar services. Is it a highly saturated market in your area?What about differentiation and pricing? Do you have a competitive edge? Are you targeting the same segments as your would-be competitors? Based on these findings, it’s for you to decide if you want to offer alternative services or to compete head on.

Step No. 3 Is Listing Down Your Ideal Customers

Who are the primary consumers of your service? What do these people do? What are their income levels? What problems do they want solved? What do these people desire? What are the pains in their lives? What age group, and are there any gender bias for your service? Are they living in big cities or small towns? Will your service reduce their pain, provide more time, more money, less costs, a higher social status, a higher chance, a closure or an enjoyment/entertainment value? There can be multiple segments who need your service for different reasons. List them out from best match first.

Step No. 4 Is Identifying The Buying Stages

For each of the groups of ideal customers from Step 3 above, identify their various buying stages. Example:

  • Younger couples in KL looking for wedding photography services with a budget of RM 3,000, researching options
  • E-Commerce business owner looking for product photography services for 800 products, urgent deadlines
  • Young mother from PJ, looking to take maternity photo shoots, now
  • Restaurant owners looking for food photographers for their menu, comparing prices stage

The different buying stages for each of these segments would be the basis for the selection of keywords used for advertising, and also for creating a strong landing page content which resonates strongly (and differently) with each target segment of your ideal customers.

Step No. 5 Is Preparing Landing Page Content

Imagine, a visitor who clicks on an advertisement on wedding photography but lands on a generic photograph pricing page that does nothing to entice further engagement. You will simply be losing the sale if your page content does not connect with your prospect’s expectations.

More than just providing matching content, it would be a lot more effective to track various engagements on your website visits, which answers questions such as “how many people clicked to view the price?”, “how much of the article did they read?”,”what stopped these people from inquiring further?”.

In short, the landing page must contain beacons that track various visitor interactions on page and other browsing patterns for you to tweak and improve your sales funnel.

Step No. 6 Is Planning The Teaser

What sort of writing will get your visitors so excited and electrified that they just want to reach out to you? Are you persuasive enough to charge them with such elevated levels of intrigue? How do you tests for the writing style which is most effective that your prospects are simply jumping out to you every day?

Step No. 7 Is Putting Your Website Together

This involves the technicalities of getting your website hosted, domain name purchased and uploading your meticulously curated content. This step includes integrating various page level tracking beacons and visitor analysis tools for monitoring your visitors’ browsing habits.

Thorough testing is being done to ensure your website displays everything in the most pleasing manner across all desktop and mobile devices. All trackers are tested for accuracy in their tracking and platform is configured for maximum search engine visibility.

This is a very technical step and not everyone who desires to sell their services will be able to undertake. My consultation and implementation services cover these needs extensively.

Step No. 8 Is Running Ads

Writing advertisement headlines, high impact creatives, budgeting, and launching ad campaigns is step no. 8. This would include split testing different ad units to find the winning ad and continuously optimizing your ads to increase return on advertising investment.

Step No. 9 Is Monitoring Your Website Sales Funnel

Are your prospects contacting you? If not, how do you determine what is turning them away? If some are, how do you fix your site to get even more inquiries still?

Inquiries are the lifeblood of your business. You are spending money to bring visitors to your website. Make sure that every single one of them has a strong reason to contact you. You can either strike gold or end up broke from this optimization step alone. Experience, attention to details and a complete understanding of your audience and service offer closes the deal.

Step No. 10 Is Closing The Deal

People are visiting your website, and they are contacting you. Meet up with them. Listen to their needs. Provide an outstanding service. Up sell. Ask for referrals. Ask for testimonials. Publish their testimonials on site.

Step No. 11

Start a different business or expand your service for new segments. Rinse and repeat Step 1-11

Although I have detailed out the proven steps in succeeding at an online prospecting model for a service based business, there is still all the technicalities involved, as well as the right knowledge and experience in testing out ad copies, landing pages as well as the right teasers that work, which is very industry specific.

If you’re currently under employment with no business plan on the side, or you’re not holding on to a job currently, then my advice to you is to start one today. Plan some ideas on the type of service you would love to sell, do the necessary research and firm up your business plan.

Most jobs pay enough just to get by paying the bills, with the constant worry of corporate politics, job security and balancing household debts. Looking forward to a more luxurious life with more independence? Let’s have a casual chat over coffee. I’m normally quite busy with writing, software development and also business expansion.

So if you feel like changing your life in the 6th-12th month period, then start your venture now. If you start in 6 months time, then you’ll be seeing the difference only a year later. This first step will take you to the finish line in due time, but sadly, it’s this step where most people fail to take.

If you want to meet up with me, it’s best to set a date in advance, giving me some time to plan for this. We can discuss your idea, and I can share with you my ample experiences on what works. Seize the day, seize the moment and don’t allow an extra day go by living for less than you deserve.