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Your Website Is Like A Fish Net

It Won’t Catch Fish As Long As There Are Holes In The Net
  • You know why a net with holes won’t catch fish.
  • A website that doesn’t get orders have holes. Simple as ABC.

Lesson 2: You Are Fishing In The Wrong Pond

You Will Not Catch Fish From an Empty Pond – Ever
  • You wait a few hours but not a single bite. You don’t even see fishes in the water.
  • Your website analytics shows no visitors. It’s not your website’s problem yet. It’s a pond without fish.

Lesson 3: There Are Fishes, But No Bite.

You Have No Bait, Or You’re Using The Wrong Bait
  • You have no bait to lure the fishes
  • You are using wrong bait
  • There are different fishes here.

Lesson 4: Fishes Bite But Then Swim Away

  • Your bait is good, your hook is lousy

If These Fishing Gear Can Catch Fishes Easily..

Then These Sales Gear Can Catch Sales Easily

I Have Caught Fourteen Thousand Sales In 1 Year

  • I must have very good sales gear
  • I must know how to find ponds full of fishes
  • I must know how to use my sales gear very well
  • My bait must be enticing
  • My hook must be outstanding

In KL, I Teach People How To Fish With The Right Tools In The Right Pond, Using The Proper Bait On The Strongest Hook to Catch The Fattest Fish

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